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Our Values

Globeducate is a dynamic, progressive global education group developing young people and the minds of tomorrow - those who we will prepare to be global citizens who can shape the world.  We are forward-looking and innovative as a group and we strive towards educational excellence from the youngest children to our graduating year groups. 

Our approach to building teams is careful and intuitive. We know how crucial our teachers and support staff are not only in inspiring and developing our students but also in building confidence and a love of learning in our teams as well. 

We are proud of our global culture which resonates with our key principles.  We know that the framework of a culture lies in its core mission and values - it also relies on people to bring these values to life. That is why we also have People Values, which you can find below.

As a company, our values are:


In order to bring these key principles to life, we strive for our people - whether they are teachers, IT technicians, accountancy teams, teaching assistants or school nurses - to strive Be excellent, Be Supportive, Be a Pioneer and to Be Global. 


Our Values

Be excellent: We do challenging work and achieve incredible things. Excellence is one of our core values.

Be supportive: We support each other as we grow. Globeducate values a culture of discipline, teamwork, respect, perseverance and determination.

Be a pioneer: We innovate and push for boundless creativity, through proactivity, responsibility and passion.

Be global: We know no bounds to shape the world. We embrace different cultures through diversity and inclusion.