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Student-led Action for a Sustainable Future

7 Changes over 7 Days - a campaign for lasting change

Preparing each student to become a global citizen who can shape the world is put to the test in no better way than with the pressing global need to reduce energy consumption, to save the planet. 

Listening to the outcomes of global climate summits with world leaders and experts, and a widely accepted goal to reduce energy consumption by 10 to 20%, our school communities are motivated to improve our energy efficiency and to reduce our schools´ carbon footprints.  This aligns with the Globeducate Mission and Globeducate Agenda in sustainability education: preparing each student to be a global citizen who can shape the world.  Whether our schools are in the EU or elsewhere in the world, we are aiming for the same positive change.

It also aligns with our Eco-Schools commitment and strengthens our student-led action through our Eco-Councils.

Along with all Eco-School Councils in Globeducate schools in 11 countries, our students and their teachers are leading a mission to help reduce energy consumption by changing behaviour in seven simple steps.

Globeducate schools are committed to addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, with the aim of reaching carbon neutral status by 2050. 

What will we do?

Across all age groups in our schools, from Pre-School to seniors, and including teachers and support staff, we will communicate ideas that will help to change habits. We know that a one-off action never carries the long-term impact of a permanent change in habit. 

7 changes over 7 days

What are we going to change? 7 Changes over 7 Days

Monday – Have a shorter shower and turn off taps!
Tuesday – Unplug fully charged devices!
Wednesday – Switch off lights!
Thursday – Dress warmly!
Friday – Switch games consoles and devices to energy-saving mode!
Saturday – Enjoy an evening with friends or family!
Sunday  - Have an outdoor day at the park, beach or mountains!



Our students have demonstrated their commitment to tackling climate change and to protecting the future of Planet Earth through their amazing efforts in their Eco-Schools action plans, and how they have worked with their peers and their school communities to educate and inspire them. The sense of urgency that is felt by many of them since our involvement in COP-26 in 2021 has been a driving force for change in our schools

Monica Fontán, Assistant Education Director and Eco-Schools Lead, Globeducate