Globeducate is a global network of schools with an overall philosophy rooted in a character-based education. Despite the geographical distance between our schools, we consider ourselves to be a family that shares more than just an academic experience; the education of our students starts with their development as human beings.

At Globeducate we have a shared central vision based on character development being key to the education of our students and principles such as critical thinking, creativity, self-improvement, social awareness, responsibility, tolerance and respect are reinforced during both curricular and non-curricular activities on a daily basis.


Education is not only concerned with academic excellence but also provides a vehicle for self-improvement, which is facilitated at Globeducate by personalised attention in small teaching groups, and by allowing each student to work and develop at their own pace. Our teachers encourage and assist each student at every stage of the learning process.


Social commitment

We teach our students the importance of responsibility both at an individual level and to society as a whole. Our courses offer students the opportunity to participate in team activities, art exhibitions and community projects, enabling them to learn the value of teamwork and cooperation, and the importance of engaging with and contributing to society as a whole.


Respect and tolerance

The international and multicultural character of Globeducate naturally creates an ideal environment for sharing diverse ideas, opinions and cultures. This allows our students to learn to respect and tolerance, focusing on difference in a positive and constructive way.



We believe that the educational process involves developing a sense of responsibility to oneself, one’s peer group and to the wider community. Through positive reinforcement, we teach our students to understand the importance of serving the community and being true to themselves.



“I am happy to see how at school I have become more mature and discovered my strengths, virtues and skills.


Student at Agora International School Barcelona

“In addition to the importance placed on music, sports and languages, I would highlight the education adapted to all kinds of children, the personal touch and education in values.”

León-Trujillo Family

Parent of student at Agora International School Barcelona

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