Skills and Competencies

Educational excellence is a fundamental part of our students’ future successes and therefore forms one of Globeducate´s core principles, however, Globeducate offers much more than a purely academic training, providing a wide range of co-curricular opportunities to complement personal, social and cognitive development.

Our comprehensive educational vision is complemented by music, arts and sports programmes; areas in which, as well as acquiring a whole range of additional skills, students learn values such as discipline, teamwork, respect, perseverance and determination.

Our Globeducate Agenda launched in 2020, partnering with WWF and Eco Schools, underwrites the United Nations´ 2030 Global Sustainable Development Goals.  It unites our students and teachers from around the world to partake in active discussions, workshops, fundraising and projects to address these goals. As educators we have the opportunity and responsibility to lay the foundations for a better future.


Sport plays an essential role in our school curricula. Beyond the obvious health and fitness benefits associated with physical activity, sport is an ideal way to teach students the values that we believe to be fundamental in personal development including teamwork, cooperation, leadership, discipline, determination and commitment. Globeducate offers a wide variety of sporting opportunities throughout our schools including football, rugby, cricket, basketball, golf, sailing and horse riding. Thanks to the excellent facilities and outstanding coaching staff available at our schools around the world, our students can enjoy these activities at both a recreational or at a more advanced level.


Art and music as a way of life

Art is another discipline that plays a key role in personal growth, developing creative skills, imaginative thinking and self-expression, and it forms an integral part of life at our schools. Among the arts disciplines taught at our schools, we specialise in visual arts, drama and dance, and offer magnificent facilities for their practice and enjoyment.  Music is a way of life in Globeducate schools. Several of our schools are renowned music conservatories and many others are affiliated with prestigious music schools and centres.

We encourage each student to actively participate in musical activities and events, and music forms part of our students’ daily lives. In addition to the development of instrumental, vocal and technical skills, amongst other things, music instils sensitivity, creativity, self-discipline, teamwork and attention to detail.  Our annual Globeducate International Music Festival brings together around 200 young musicians and our Globeducate Virtual Arts Competition allows children of all ages and abilities to compete around themes that are set each year.



“The study of music has many positive effects on children’s education. Playing an instrument requires coordinated learning on an intellectual level, in psychomotor development and in sensitivity, which contribute to the pupils’ overall development.”

Joana Gual.

Music Teacher at Agora Portals International School

“It is consistently rewarding to see Stonar’s riders develop their horsemanship skills and a positive partnership with their horses. Whether they are recreational or competitive riders, our pupils are fortunate to receive a unique riding experience to complement their academic programmes.”

Darrell Scaife

Director of Riding at Stonar

“Some classmates have different abilities, or play sport or music professionally, and despite this, classes and exams are adapted to their needs without this being a problem. This shows us that they want to get the very best from all of us.”


Student at Agora Portals International School

“Through art we learn to create visual forms, to identify, to interpret and to understand. For this reason, learning through observation is a good strategy in any educational area. Art provides a way for our students to develop respect for and awareness of our artistic heritage.” 

Lina Arenas

Art Teacher

Hi! My name is Bianca and I’m 12 years old.  I’m a student in Agora Sant Cugat International School, or ASCIS for short, and ever since my first day in this School I have absolutely loved it!  It’s all so exciting!


Student at Agora Sant Cugat International School

“In addition to the importance placed on music, sports and languages, I would highlight the education adapted to all kinds of children, the personal touch and education in values.”

León-Trujillo Family

Parent of student at Agora International School Barcelona

“The importance given to sport and sporting facilities complements our education in a privileged environment.”


Student at Agora International School Barcelona

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