Our Mission

Educational excellence is key to preparing our students to live successfully in a globalised world – we know that children entering education today will graduate as young adults in 2030. We must prepare them for jobs that have not yet been created, for technologies that have not yet been invented, and to solve problems that have not yet been anticipated.

We know that unprecedented innovation in science and technology will transform the way these young graduates live and the way they will work.  Our students will need to constantly align their skill sets to keep pace.  For this reason, in addition to delivering an excellent education, we must ensure that our students develop skills and abilities beyond the purely academic.

Our experienced and highly-qualified professionals in each subject discipline use teaching and learning strategies that are designed to identify and enhance our students’ individual talents at every educational stage.


Our teachers are committed to ensuring that alongside educational excellence, students develop creativity, self-confidence and perseverance. Our Globeducate Events reinforce the need to respect and appreciate the ideas, perspectives and values of others.

We are innovators in education thanks not only to our teachers but also to other professionals that help to deliver the Globeducate mission, including educational psychologists, educational quality auditors, management and human resources teams. We are a cohesive group of experts and professionals who put Globeducate firmly at the forefront of quality in education.

Underpinning our three key pillars: Build Character, Acquire Competencies and Develop Mastery, we provide our students and teachers with global opportunities such as Globeducate Experiences, Globeducate Events and our Global Agenda.

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