Granada College, a prestigious bilingual international school for students aged 0 to 18, is the latest addition to Globeducate.

Set in beautiful natural surroundings, Granada College began life as the nursery school Príncipes in 1993 and extended its provision to children over the age of four 22 years ago. It currently has more than 1,000 students and is recognised for its Outstanding Preparatory Centre and its preparation of students for Cambridge International examinations. The school´s reputation for multi-lingualism is unrivalled in the region, with students having the opportunity to study French and Chinese in addition to taking lessons in English and Spanish.

Granada College ranks consistently among the best in the Selectividad Programme, ranking in the top three schools in the region, and its academic reputation brings prestige and recognition in the community of Granada. Students benefit from personalised learning and an inclusive approach to all abilities.

Today the school has a dynamic sports programme and has facilities of more than 10,000 square meters with an assembly hall, covered pavilion, outdoor swimming pool, Judo room, 3 multi-sports court, soccer field, and a climbing wall. Students thrive on five hours per week of sport.

The school´s founder, Javier Jimenez, said: “When you think about it and take a look at the past, you see what Granada College has meant to so many families and you realise the effort and professionalism of all the teaching and non-teaching staff who have participated in the school´s growth. With our confidence rooted firmly in our successful educational model, it is time to develop further and to embrace new challenges in search of educational excellence. I am convinced and excited that being part of the Globeducate family of schools will provide us with new experiences that prepare our students for a future in a global world, without limits or barriers.”

Carolina Rodriguez Inciarte, CEO of Globeducate Spain and Andorra said: “Granada College is a school that offers a very high level of education, with academic results placing them among the top three schools in the region consistently. We truly admire what Mr. Jiménez and his team have accomplished over the past 20 years and look forward to working with them to ensure we provide all their students with a global education that prepares them to change the world. I am sure all the Globeducate community will give a very warm welcome to their staff, students and their families.”

Visit the school´s website by following the link here. 

21 / 01 / 21