ICS London hosted the sixth Globeducate Academic Olympics for two days in the first week of December through a virtual platform that enabled nearly 300 students from 25 Globeducate schools in seven countries to come together to meet, work together and compete in academic challenges.

This year’s theme was “Sustainability”, complementing the school´s Eco-Schools journey towards certification and Globeducate´s global agenda for the next two years.  A diverse range of challenges and activities covering academic disciplines such as maths, science, ecology and creative writing were based on eco-responsible subjects and teams of students aged 12 to 14  had a memorable time connecting from across the world. A Top Ten winners board was shared, with St.George´s English School, Bilbao, Spain, taking first and fourth places with their two teams. O Castro British School, Vigo, Spain, also saw two teams take second and fifth place, and EIB Collège Monceau, Paris, came third overall. More results can be found below.

The opening ceremony featured speeches by Globeducate CEO Luca Uva, Muz Choan, Head of Secondary at ICS London, and WWF-UK Education Manager Matt Larsen-Daw. Matt works closely with Globeducate on the WWF partnership across all Globeducate schools and developed the educational programme that accompanied the Our Planet Netflix series, and initiated the global Youth For Our Planet movement. Prior to working at WWF he was responsible for developing and launching the UK’s Charter for Trees, Woods and People. His background is as a campaigner, trainer, and consultant in participatory community development. Matt is also Chair of socio-educational charity HVP Nepal-UK.

“The 2020 pandemic has had a huge impact on the way we all live and work and learn. In the middle of this crisis, the Globeducate Academic Olympics has not  just taken place but has been a huge success – 270 students from 25 schools from 7 countries – collaborating in teams to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and creativity.  What better evidence could we have of the strength and resilience of our Globeducate network, our staff and our students. In 2030, when we look back at 2020, the crisis will be a faded memory but events like this one will be seen as milestones on the path towards a bright new future for education.”
Head of School, ICS London, Rod Jackson


“Although running a completely online Academic Olympics event was a big challenge, our team agreed that all the hard work was worth it when we saw how engaged and excited the students were during the activities. It was great that we saw such a high level of participation, considering the additional challenges that schools are dealing with at this time. ICS London would like to say a big thank you to all staff and students who took part; they brought a true spirit of international cooperation to the event.”
James Benson, Assistant Principal of ICS London and event organiser

The Top 10 teams from the whole competition were, in order, St.George´s English School (Burger Team – Bibao, Spain), O Castro British School (Vigo, Spain), EIB Collège Monceau (Juniper Team – Paris, France), St George´s English School (Team McDonald – Bilbao, Spain), O Castro British School (Margarita Salas Team – Bilbao, Spain), Collège EIB Monceau (Shamrock Team, Paris), ICS London (LBA Team), Nobel International School Algarve (Vasco de Gama Team – Algarve, Portugal), Agora International School Madrid (Sancho Panza Team – Madrid), Agora Lledó International School (TOPI Team – Valencia, Spain).

For the different challenges:

  • Science Quiz – Joint First (Rome International School – RIS20 Team) and (O Castro British School – Doctor Cavadas Team)
  • Eco Brochure – Joint First (ICS Paris – Cloud 5 Team) and (Nobel International School – Vasco de Gama Team)
  • Creative Writing -Joint  First – (EIB Collège Monceau – Shamrock Team), (ICS Paris – Superheroes Team) and (Agora Sant Cugat International School – TEAM2)
  • Maths Challenge – First (St.George´s English School – Burger Team)

A special mention also to Southlands International School for their Eco-Brochure, too.

“I loved attending the Globeducate Academic Olympics. I loved working as a team and it was definitely an important and fun experience even if sometimes it was very challenging at times!’
Arianne, Southlands International School, Rome

“Our teachers witnessed a lot of fun among our students, but also learning, self-knowledge, development of social skills, commitment among the different members of each team, risk analysis… and all in a framework of fun, harmony and friendship.”
Maria Guyre, Technical Director, O Castro British School, Vigo



14 / 12 / 20