ICS Milan campus, ICS Symbiosis, opened its doors on 7th January, after an official inauguration on 17th December behind closed doors. A 13-month build project that progressed despite the challenges of lockdowns has culminated with this innovative and modern campus, a technologically advanced facility on a 10,000 sqm campus that includes large, design-led learning spaces for students aged two to 18 years old.

The building´s design, by award-winning architects Barreca  & La Varra, was inspired by research carried out with the students themselves, who were asked: “How would you like your ideal school?” They expressed a common desire that that the school has a life after the end of the school day, that it truly becomes a space for human experimentation from relationships, creative activities, music and movement.  Symbiosis presents a unique offering – one that is open to new scenarios; one of a kind in Milan. It extends the school´s presence  in the city with ICS Orti (ages 6 months to 6 years), Milano 2 (Kindergarten and Primary School) and ICS Tenca (Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary School).

When the new school term began this month, the students were very excited about the start of this new adventure and this new chapter in the school´s history. After a moment of wonder, after the ribbons were cut, they immediately settled in, and filled the school with life and laughter.

“The buzz and excitement on opening was tangible as we cut the ribbon to inaugurate our new school campus, ICS Milan Symbiosis. It is truly remarkable to see the project realised in such a short time and I know that all the students and their teachers will relish and thrive in their new learning environment, full of light, space and fabulous facilities. Of course, the success of a school reaches far beyond the building and facilities. Across all our sites of ICS Milan, our job is to ensure we turn the dreams and ambitions into reality. Each of our students has access to the highest quality personalised learning opportunities so that they can progress and achieve beyond their expectations.  We do this by delivering outstanding teaching, an innovative and relevant 21st-century curriculum, wrap around pastoral care and an enviable breadth of extra and super curricular activities.  At ICS Milan, we are all very excited to take this next step on our learning journey together.’

Antonia Giovanazzi, ICS Milan Executive Principal

With an international vision, a rigorous academic programme, qualified teachers from countries all over the world: the goal is to educate young people who can devise simple solutions to complex problems, citizens of the world capable of reading, interpreting, and building the future.

“This is an important day because it is the realisation of a dream that has been growing for some time.  It is the interpretation of a need: the need for innovation to prepare these young students for a new world, in continuous evolution. This school represents the inversion of the education paradigm as we have always known it. It is a school that will change the style of education, helping children to fit into an increasingly competitive and international world. I expect this school to always remain a construction site because it needs to be in continuous transformation. Thanks to the students and teachers, this empty space will be filled with life and contents.”

Stefano Paschina, ICS Milan Managing Director



16 / 01 / 21