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Placing Kindness and Compassion at the Core of a School Community

Teaching children to be kind is nothing new. Most teachers and parents have long taught them to share their toys; to invite others to play their games; and to help someone who has fallen over on the playground. These invaluable lessons teach children from an early age to care for others and develop empathy – both are fundamental in helping them build the kind of sustainable and healthy relationships that are vital for good mental health.

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Andie Warner Head of English and Languages

A home language is the language, or languages, that families use for most interactions at home. Many students speak multiple languages at home  and may use different languages to communicate with a variety of family members and friends. Maintaining and developing students’ home language(s) is important for so many reasons. Here are just a few:

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How We do Outdoor Learning

Head of School at Southlands British International School, Tor del Federico, discusses why Outdoor Learning is such a key part of student life at the school. For the team at Southlands British International School, a key goal this year has been to take students outside as often as possible: for play, for learning, for sport and for relaxation, both as a way of helping to keep students healthy, and also to help counteract the effects of a much more restricted approach in school than in previous years

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Students compete in House challenge

A "House system" is a very common feature of a school with British values and traditions, and our GBIS schools in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy, have been focused on incorporating the House system to build community spirit, to develop a sense of identity and belonging, and to celebrate achievements.

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