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Clara Hawking: Globeducate SHAPE AI: April-May 2024

Clara Hawking: Globeducate SHAPE AI: April-May 2024

I am delighted to see that more and more schools are establishing AI Youth Councils. This initiative is instrumental in creating formal pathways for robust dialogue between school leadership and our digital-native youth.

Great things are happening in our schools, with student involvement at the forefront. Some schools have asked students to help rewrite their academic integrity policies, building on the Globeducate policyto ensure students are engaged and committed to learning and maintaining integrity. We are also witnessing remarkable student innovation, for example through our robotics challenges and through the ¡HiAi! projects, where students are independently enhancing chatbot models with new functionalities in both coding and appearance.

Teachers are developing new, innovative strategies and practices, from rethinking assessment to integrating AI into lesson planning and units. They are recognising that AI is here to stay and that collaboration is essential. It's heartening to see more Globeducate staff embracing the future driven by AI, from experimenting with text-to-video AI tools and focusing on professional development with an emphasis on mastering AI prompting, to learning how to leverage AI for efficiency. Students are also learning how to turn AI into their personal, free tutor, guiding them without facilitating cheating. Step by step, we are managing this change together, ensuring a smooth transition into an AI-augmented educational landscape.

Since our last update, I have visited several schools, including a week in Toronto at Blyth Academy Schools and two weeks at our schools in Paris, ICS Paris, EIB Paris and Hattemer, where I was particularly fortunate to attend the opening of the new Space Centre at ICS Paris. Additionally, I have participated in podcasts on AI in education, written articles, and engaged in speaking events, including The Women in AI Forum, where I spoke on AI Ethics, Justice, and Rights.


As we integrate AI into our educational environments, we are committed to safeguarding our students. I am fortunate to work closely with our Safeguarding and Wellbeing Officer, Katherine Tyler, to ensure we are implementing structures to keep students safe while embracing this transformative technology. Together, we are shaping a future where AI enhances education with integrity and innovation.

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