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Clara Hawking: Globeducate Shape AI March 2024

Clara Hawking: Globeducate Shape AI March 2024

Dear Globeducate Family,

Reflecting on the progress and interactions of the past month, my engagements across various schools and conferences have sharpened the focus on three critical trends in the intersection of AI and education. These insights, drawn from discussions at events like participation at the Safety Summit at Google Dublin, the GenAI Summit in Athens, and a Centa online masterclass in India, highlight the shifting educational environment we are adapting to at Globeducate.



Youth Engagement: A standout realisation from our experiences is the necessity of shifting from solving problems for students to solving them with students. The creation of Youth AI Councils in our schools is a step towards this goal. By integrating student perspectives into our decision-making processes, we aim to foster a collaborative environment that respects and utilises the insights of our youth. Planning for the next school year includes formalising these interactions to ensure a consistent and meaningful dialogue.

Curriculum Evolution and Upskilling: The fast-paced development of AI demands a curriculum that prepares students and staff for future challenges. It's not just about what we teach but how we equip our community to engage with new technologies. Leadership is tasked with integrating substantial time for upskilling and training into our schedules. Globeducate is committed to building a comprehensive training programme that addresses the needs of all staff and students, ensuring our community is not just ready to live with advanced AI, but ahead of the curve.

Global Insights, Local Implementation: My recent travels to conferences and for workshops, from Athens to Valencia and from Andorra to France, have been instrumental in understanding the global perspective on AI in education. These interactions underscore the importance of local action informed by global insights. The enthusiastic participation in discussions illustrates a collective commitment to embracing the opportunities and challenges presented by the socio-technology impacts of AI.

(Globeducate Heads of British International Schools in Spain attending the NABBS conference, where Professor Mick Waters, Globeducate Advisory Board, spoke about technology in education.)

As we consider the progress made this school year and the trends that are shaping our approach, it's clear that the path forward is through direct engagement, practical curriculum adjustments, and a global perspective anchored in local action. Our aim is to not just be part of the evolving landscape of AI in education but to lead with training programs and pioneering initiatives in curriculum that prepare our students and staff for the future.

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