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Enhancing Excellence: Professional Development Training for Globeducate Teachers

Enhancing Excellence: Professional Development Training for Globeducate Teachers

At Globeducate, we are dedicated to fostering an environment of continuous learning and improvement for both our students and educators. This academic year, our education team has been actively expanding the range of professional development opportunities available to our colleagues across our global network of schools. These initiatives are designed to enhance teaching practices and ultimately benefit our students' learning experiences.

One of the key highlights of this year’s professional development programme includes a series of specialised workshops focused on safeguarding, wellbeing, AI, and GL Assessment. These sessions are integral in ensuring that our teachers are equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to create safe and supportive learning environments.

Building on the success of our "Impact on Learning" workshop, we have introduced a series of five follow-up workshops. These workshops, each lasting two hours, delve into essential teaching strategies and practices:

  • Questioning Techniques
  • Engagement and Challenge
  • Formative Evaluation
  • Feedback
  • Climate for Learning

These sessions are designed to promote discussion and practical application within each school’s unique context, ensuring that our teachers can implement these strategies effectively in their classrooms.

In addition to these core workshops, we have also offered bespoke training sessions tailored to specific needs, including courses on emerging leadership, thinking skills, and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Approaches to Learning (ATLs). Notably, our "Open Conversations" training has received exceptional feedback, with participants praising its relevance to both professional and personal development.

As we look ahead, we are excited to announce that leadership training will be offered in November in Madrid and Milan. This will mark the third iteration of this highly regarded programme, which has been described by past participants as “the best professional development I have ever received” and a “great opportunity to discuss and learn from colleagues.”

If you have any specific training needs for your school, please reach out to your Education Team contact. We are committed to supporting the professional growth of our educators, ensuring they have the skills and confidence to lead and inspire.

At Globeducate, we believe that investing in our teachers is investing in the future of our students. Together, we can achieve excellence in education.

John Nicholls is Education Director, Globeducate, and former Co-Principal of Bilingual European School and British American Pre School in Milan. This recent workshop was led by John and hosted by the Canadian School of Florence.