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50+ Student Teams Make Globeducate Debates 2024 a Huge Success!

50+ Student Teams Make Globeducate Debates 2024 a Huge Success!

For the past three days, our schools have been buzzing with the energy and passion of 52 teams from 28 Globeducate schools, as they engage in our annual online Globeducate Debates. Today marks the grand finale of this incredible event, where young minds showcase their eloquence, critical thinking, and teamwork. Students aged nine to 18 were invited to participate and motions for the debate were all based on links to UN Sustainable Development Goals, as well as current affairs and themes in society.

The event commenced on 11th June with a keynote speech from Nas Hussein, a prominent figure in the field of education and justice. Nas is currently the Strategic Director for an Independent Education Advisory Service and a Judicial Office Holder with the Ministry of Justice. Both roles demand a high degree of confidence in communicating to a wide audience. Nas uses her extensive experience to inspire children and young people, often speaking at schools and colleges about the building blocks needed for students to create their own ‘brand’.

Nas believes that each student has a unique personality and skill set that they bring to the wider landscape. Her work has supported students of all ages in creating their own profile images for educational settings, workplaces, and engagement with friends and family. Her words of wisdom and encouragement set a motivational tone for the debates, highlighting the importance of self-expression and confidence in communication.

"Participating in the Globeducate Debates empowers students to develop critical thinking, public speaking, and teamwork skills. This event nurtures confidence and fosters a spirit of intellectual curiosity, preparing our students to become thoughtful leaders and effective communicators in their future endeavours." 

Oanh Crouch, Education Director

Throughout the debates, students demonstrated remarkable skills in persuasive argumentation and respectful rebuttal, embodying the true spirit of healthy competition and intellectual growth. It was inspiring to witness their dedication and enthusiasm as they tackled challenging topics and defended their viewpoints with poise and clarity.

Education Director John Nicholls was a co-judge. He said:

“The respectful tone of the debates has been really impressive. Students have been exposed to diverse perspectives and viewpoints, teaching them to respect and understand different sides of an argument. This promotes open-mindedness and empathy; skills our world is desperately in need of! The students, many of whom are multi-lingual, continue to impress the judges with their excellent oracy and debating skills.”

A judging panel made up of Heads of Schools from across Globeducate, as well as former Head Girl of Stonar School, Chiara Aylett Graduating Stonar in 2021, in September Chiara starts her fourth year at University College London where she reads Geography. She has recently returned from a year abroad at Cornell University where she was on the executive board of the Cornell Political Union. Outside of University, Chiara works as a Policy Assistant to the Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology, Rt Hon. Michelle Donelan MP. In this role she is responsible for liaising with Ministers, writing to constituents and analysing policy. 

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