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Best in World Grades for Globeducate Students

Best in World Grades for Globeducate Students

In a remarkable display of ability and dedication to their studies, students across Globeducate schools in Spain and France have outshone their peers in the prestigious A Level and IGCSE examinations, earning accolades from both Pearson Education and Cambridge International. These outstanding achievements underscore the unwavering commitment to educational excellence within Globeduate schools that offer the esteemed English National Curriculum.

Pinnacle Achievements:

Several students have not only excelled but have also clinched the esteemed Outstanding Pearson Learner Award, a global acknowledgment of exceptional academic achievement, alongside recognition from Cambridge International. Here are some of the remarkable highlights:

  • O Castro British International School – Highest Mark in the World for Cambridge IGCSE Foreign Language Spanish
  • O Castro British International School – Highest Mark in the World for Pearson Education Edexcel A-Level Portuguese
  • O Castro British International School – Highest Mark in Spain for Cambridge International AS Level History
  • O Castro British International School
  • Mougins British International School – Highest Mark in France for Pearson Edexcel A-Level Physics
  • ICS Paris – Highest Mark in France for Pearson Education Edexcel IGCSE Maths
  • ISN Nice – Highest Mark in France for Pearson Education Edexcel Biology

    “These achievements are a wonderful reflection and recognition of not only the hard work of the students, but also the culmination of the effort and support of all the school throughout their time with us at O Castro”

         Chris Long, Head of O Castro British International School

Sheryn, Grade 11, ISN Nice, who achieved the award for Biology, for achieving the highest marks in France, said, “I am absolutely stunned at the results I have been able to achieve here at ISN Nice. I´ve been supported and motivated by my friends, family and teachers along this two-year journey. I am finally able to say that hard work pays off!

Ronald Booth, Biology Teacher at ISN Nice, said “It is a pleasure to celebrate Sheryn´s well-deserved award and to take the opportunity to congratulate her and all of the other students who worked hard and achieved great things. I know our teaching and administration team are very proud of them.”

“We couldn't be prouder of Vera's hard work and dedication that led her to achieve this remarkable feat in her A-Level Physics! Her success not only brings immense pride to our school community but also serves as an inspiration to younger students. Vera´s diligence paid off tremendously for her and we are confidence that she will continue to shine brightly as she embarks on her Chemical Engineering undergraduate degree at Imperial College, London."

James Wellings, Head of School of Mougins British International School 

Emma Whale, Vice President of International Pearson School Qualifications, extends her heartfelt congratulations: "Congratulations to Vera and to Mougins School for all the hard work and dedication in supporting your learners to deliver such impressive results"

Pranav´s achievement is a testament not only to his own hard work and perseverance but also to the quality of education and support offered by his school and peers. We also extend our gratitude to our educators whose guidance and mentorship have played an integral role in shaping our students´ success.

Head of School, ICS Paris, Angela Hollington


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