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Globeducate Reads 2022 Ignites New Passion for Books!

More than 20 schools across the Globeducate network joined together on February 4th for the second annual Globeducate Reads event which saw school teams sharing wonderful video messages with each other and getting up to all sorts of imaginative activities designed to celebrate and inspire a love of reading.

From the start to the end of the day, from Canada to Malaysia, our young – and more mature - readers were busy individually, in pairs, in groups and in special assemblies - some even wore their pyjamas! Teachers and librarians brought this day to life for our students with readings, mixed year group reading and fun, outdoor events.  Each school began their hour of the event with a welcome video from both Education Director Oanh Crouch and another school in the group to promote a sense of our global community. Click here to view a sample of the welcome messages. 

In her film, Oanh Crouch shared that until she was 11, she didn´t really understand what all the fuss was about with reading, however once one teacher inspired her to fall in love with books, she couldn´t get enough. She said, “It was in a Year 6 classroom in a primary school in Australia where I fell in love with reading. When my teacher Miss Cressley read to us, she would make it feel as though I was there inside the pages of the book, meeting the characters and feeling all the emotions that entailed and being a part of the adventures. And so began my reading journey. The more books I read the more I understood about myself, about people, about life. I know that they have shaped the person and character that I am today. I am delighted that we have teachers in our Globeducate schools who love reading just as I do now, who – just like my Miss Cressley – inspire and motivate, and find different and exciting ways to engage our students in reading.”

Read below to hear what some of the participating schools had to say about the event when they fed back on their special day! 

“We had a fascinating experience yesterday with the reading celebration. Indeed reading is the pursuit of happiness. It was an amazing experience with our juniors, seniors and their mentors facilitating the Globeducate READS event.  The entire student/teacher/admin fraternity were beaming with happiness whilst they were reading.”

Arunima Banerjee, Reading Leader, TIPS Valley International School, Malaysia

“Globeducate READS has had a positive impact on the culture of reading at O Castro British International School as it has allowed everyone the time to literally sit back and enjoy a book. Globeducate READS gave us all the reminder of the importance of setting aside time to read and also just the general pleasure and enjoyment that comes about from doing this. It was great for the children to see so many different people reading and in such a variety of languages too. This is good for children who may be struggling with their own reading in one language to see people that they can look up to reading in a language in which they feel more confident.”

Jo Broughton, Reading Coordinator, Primary Section, O Castro British International School, Spain

“Since Covid, our library had been under-used and neglected by staff and students alike. Globeducate Reads gave us the opportunity to spotlight this year's latest library acquisitions, giving KS3 pupils the chance to dip their toes into a wonderful range of new books in our speed-dating activities. This, together with the Guess the Reading Teacher saw books as a part of daily life in our school community, for all students and teachers, no matter their interests and language(s) spoken.The Bookmark competition has resulted in some inspiring ideas that encourage everyone to value the power of books.'

Liz Moore, Head of English, Secondary, O Castro British International School, Spain

“Reading has always been high on our agenda at Cambridge House. We work hard to help children to understand how important reading is and, more importantly, to foster a love for reading that we hope will last a lifetime. So many children came to ask about the Library after the Globeducate Reads event that we finally got it opened again for lunchtime readers - we have a team of Year 6 librarians raring to go! We used the event as a gateway to our annual World Book Day celebration, on 3rd March. We have an activity planned each week to keep the momentum going. This week, we are decorating classroom doors as book jackets! All classes are making a huge effort with all Reading activities, even in Art and PE classes.  It´s just fabulous to belong to a big Reading family now and be able to share and participate all together.”

Paula Howells, Globeducate Reads Coordinator, Cambridge House Community College, Spain

“Across our four sites, awe and wonder spread like wildfire as children deep dived into their imaginary worlds or even developed their knowledge of specific subjects and topics.  The whole school settled down in their pyjamas, participating in reading activities, curling up and listening to a story or simply reading independently. It was magnificent and memorable. The event inspired us to bring back our parent readers and develop more comfortable reading environments in our modern school. We reflected on the ‘break away’ from technology and felt the magic and the comfort that reading can bring to our students. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and made many comments about how reading makes them feel relaxed and peaceful, they even extended the reading hour into their playtime by taking their books outside. It was wonderful to see. We are already preparing ideas for next year!”

Kate Rollerson, Literacy Coordinator, ICS Milan

“The impact the READS event has had on the school is one of a community. We focused on the element of reading at night time. The Primary school chilren all came dressed in their PJs, whilst also bringing their favourite bedtime book to share with their peers. It also brought different primary classes together with the older children reading to the younger ones and in different languages.  In the Secondary, the students combined their reading picnic with a charity event with the students bringing in sleeping bags which were collected by a local charity and given to the homeless.

Clare Moor Pre School and Primary School Principal , ISN Nice

“The impact of Globeducate Reads on the culture of reading at ICS was significant. The collaboration of different classes, parents being invited illustrated the positive aspects of the shared enjoyment of reading.”

“We had so much fun with Globeducate Reads! All of our pupils were involved, right from the infants all the way to 6th Form. We did many different activities for example - some 6th Form students read to the Infants, the Secondary students listened to the Primary students read (we had nearly 600 students reading together on the football pitch!), we used story sacks with Years 5 and 6 Primary students, our Year 3 and 4 Primary students got dressed up as their favourite characters from their favourite books and some students took their reading books to different places in and out of the school building. Many students have asked me when we can repeat the experience, especially those students who either read to an older student or those who listened to a younger student read. It was really lovely to see those new relationships form thanks to Globeducate Reads.

Ruth Wilson, Head of the Modern Languages Department, Granada College, Spain


Globeducate Reads is one of many global events organised for schools, aimed to bring students and teachers together for a combined learning experience.  Click here to find out more about our Globeducate Learning Communities.