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Globeducate Schools Celebrating Earth Day 2022

Earth is 6.9 billion years old and on Earth Day 2022 🌏, Friday 22nd April, we are reminded to act, innovate and implement. This is the aim for #EarthDay2022 and, across the world, projects such as The Great Global Cleanup®, The Canopy Project, and Sustainable Fashion are brought to the public´s attention.  

In Globeducate schools, we have been busy working to support sustainability since the launch of our Globeducate Agenda in 2019 and our commitment to all become fully-certified Eco-Schools. Here are just a few great examples of the variety of sustainability education actions taken by our students and teachers:

  • Arts and textiles students have begun to address the issue of sustainable fashion by taking part in the annual Junk Couture competition and for two years running we see our students as finalists.  
  • Our Eco-Schools coordinator teachers have the opportunity to complete sustainability education training with our partner, WWF-UK.
  • Creating rooftop gardens, some with beehives, in our city schools in Milan, Rome and Toronto, and vegetable gardens in more rural schools such as IPS Cascais
  • Building "Eco Parking" stations at schools such as the one at Cambridge House Community College, to encourage students and teachers to cycle to school. 
  • Producing organic olive oil with our students at Canadian School of Florence
  • Introducing topics of debate around the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals in our Globeducate Model United Nations and Debate competitions.
  • Installing solar panels to help schools become self-sustainable in the future, as Nobel Algarve British International School has done.
  • A member of our Global Advisory Board, Carlo Giardinetti, is a specialist in sustainability and net-zero strategy. 
  • Launch of our Agora International Schools Aula del Mar project, based in Mallora at Agora Portals International School)}} to promote understanding of our oceans and to inspire future generations to work together to protect all marine life.

A key part of our Globeducate vision is that young people will only succeed in the world of tomorrow if they are prepared for the challenges they will face. We prepare each student to become a global citizen who can shape the world. Watch our Globeducate mission film here.