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hi!ai: Globeducate Unveils First Phase of Global AI Project

hi!ai: Globeducate Unveils First Phase of Global AI Project

Students from Early Years to High School age in 12 Globeducate schools are embarking on a pioneering Artificial Intelligence challenge called hi!ai

This transformative initiative spans across 12 Globeducate schools, engaging students ranging from Early Years to High School, in a collaborative journey to delve into the realms of research, design and engineering, ultimately creating their own AI brains. 


The project´s ultimate goal is for Globeducate students from across the world to collaborate and innovate using AI. They will bring historical figures to life through the application of artificial intelligence, leading to a spectacular grand finale where these 12 AI “brains” will interact seamlessly in a virtual AI studio.

At the helm of this groundbreaking project is Clara Hawking, Globeducate's Head of Artificial Intelligence appointed in September, and she is working on this project with teachers from 12 schools in collaboration with Project Leader Elpis Anastasiou: Science Teacher, and Space Centre Manager at Pascal Private English School Larnaca—a Globeducate school in Cyprus. This school holds a unique distinction as the first institution to develop an AI brain named AInstein, powered by Chat GPT.

Daniel Jones, Chief Education Officer of Globeducate, underscored the project's importance, stating:

AI is not merely an exciting add-on or trend—it is an integral part of both our working and students' lives. The hi!ai project not only unites students of diverse ages and nationalities in collaborative learning but also supports teachers in their professional development in the field of artificial intelligence.

Mr Jones conveyed his enthusiasm after witnessing the unveiling of the AInstein brain in Larnaca during the Globeducate leadership conference held in Barcelona in September. He praised the participating students as trailblazers set to inspire others, emphasising that the hi!ai experience is a collective learning journey for all involved.

As Globeducate continues to spearhead educational innovation across its 60+ bilingual and international schools, and online programmes in 12 countries, hi!ai stands as a testament to the group's unwavering commitment to STEAM education and to preparing students as global citizens, equipped with the skills and mindset to shape the world through cutting-edge technology and visionary thinking.