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Life-Changing Leadership Summit for Globeducate Students

Life-Changing Leadership Summit for Globeducate Students

This year´s Globeducate Student Leadership Summit took place in October and was hosted, as usual, by Stonar School in the UK. Feedback from students and teachers who attended has reinforced how valuable and enjoyable this event is.

Stonar School welcomed 34 students from 13 Globeducate schools from Canada from across the world, including Canada, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Each of the students attending was invited as part of their role in their school as a student leader – Head Pupil or Deputy Head Pupil.

They were treated to a packed timetable of seminars, presentations and interactive workshops designed to develop their understanding of what makes a successful leader, of skills in public speaking, communication, communication and problem-solving. They were also encouraged to reflect on their own leadership styles with the Belbin test. 

Students attending from Blyth Academy, Toronto, kept a journal while away in Stonar and this gives a fantastic flavour of what the students experienced - in text and images.  

Blyth Academy Student Journal 

Day 1   Day 2  Day 3

Principal of Blyth Academy Mississauga, Nicholas Catania said: 

I am proud to report that the confidence and charisma exuded from this group is a testament to the strong connections, seminars, and friendships made while abroad. In just under a week, Globeducate students were able to come together, learn from one another, and showcase perspectives, which only goes to highlight our mandate of shaping the world. 

More comments from our students who attended:

“I not only learned valuable tips of how to be an effective leader but also acquired presentation skills from diverse perspectives. It was a great opportunity to collaborate with individuals from different countries, giving us the chance to learn from each other while working as a real team.                      

“I had a great time meeting and interacting with students from other Globeducate schools from different cultures with different backgrounds. The presentations were interesting and insightful and the program provided a well rounded experience.”

“I was fascinated to see the diversity in culture and background of each individual, and how efficiently we worked as a team to achieve our goals and reflect on our mistakes. In the next couple of weeks, we hope to share our experiences with the school community and pass on these valuable lessons to our fellow students."    

“The summit radically changed my approach to leadership whilst creating an unforgettable experience for me.”

“It was beautiful how every single one of us was unique and different but came together to learn and grow as one. It's amazing how the right people can change your life in such a short period of time.”

“You really start to appreciate learning is its own adventure. Stonar lit the spark that incited us to sow the seeds of change.”

“The events at the conference helped me understand the type of leader I am and how to improve my leadership skills. On top of that, the connections I made with the other students taught me about different cultures and led to several friendships. We were also given the opportunity to learn about English culture, explore the historic city of Bath and see many of its most prominent landmarks. Overall, I was able to meet interesting people, visit a world heritage city, and learn more about myself and how to be an effective leader.”


You can read more about the event at the Stonar School website. Student Leadership learning opportunities across Globeducate schools are rich and varied and we have more news coming soon of some exciting new programmes.