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Podcast: The Rise of AI – how global schools respond

Podcast: The Rise of AI – how global schools respond

Daniel Jones, Chief Education Officer of Globeducate, recently discussed the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on education in a podcast with Dan Worth, senior news editor of TES. 

He mentioned that while disruptive technologies have historically caused fear, AI, particularly generative AI and software like ChatGPT, could bring advantages to the education sector. These advancements have the potential to reduce teacher workloads, address plagiarism concerns, and reshape assessments. 

To navigate this rapidly evolving field, Globeducate has established an AI Working Group composed of teachers, school leaders, and board members. The group aims to explore AI-related topics, provide support to schools within Globeducate, and address training needs in AI. Additionally, they will evaluate guidance, curriculum, and parent communication related to AI, while also promoting the ethical and responsible use of AI in education.

Listen to the 36-minute podcast below and share your thoughts on our social media posts about this.