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Globeducate International Music Festival 2022

Agora Portals International School and Agora Sant Cugat International School co-hosted the annual Globeducate International Music Festival on 29th April - a virtual international music festival that united young musicians from 13 Globeducate schools for a celebration of music with the theme, Good Vibrations. 

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Going Mad for Maths across Globeducate Schools on International Mathematics Day

Schools across Globeducate, in nine countries, marked International Day of Mathematics in April with a variety of indoor and outdoor learning activities for students of all ages, from Pre-School to Secondary. UNESCO held its first International Day of Mathematics in November 2019, basing it on the event that began as Pi Day in 2007, and it is now one of the world´s largest global educational events, connecting the global learning community.

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Planet Earth drawing

Earth is 6.9 billion years old and on Earth Day 2022 🌏, Friday 22nd April, we are reminded to act, innovate and implement. In Globeducate schools, we have been busy working to support sustainability since the launch of our Globeducate Agenda in 2019 and our commitment to all become fully-certified Eco-Schools.

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Teacher reads to two children

More than 20 schools across the Globeducate network joined together on February 4th for the second annual Globeducate Reads event which saw school teams sharing wonderful video messages with each other and getting up to all sorts of imaginative activities designed to celebrate and inspire a love of reading.

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First page of the PDF file: GE_Art_Poster_Competition_Winners_2021_SchoolPoster

Students took part in the annual Globeducate Virtual Arts Competition in November, with the theme this year of “Connections”. From ages 5 to 18, nearly 200 students in 39 schools jumped on the opportunity to showcase and explore their talents in painting, sculpture, poetry, drawing, 3D art, painting, photography and creative writing. Participating schools held internal art exhibitions and allowed artists to be peer evaluated or juried by the school community before final entries were chosen for the global competition.

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WWF-Globeducate Quiz Unites 56 Teams of Primary Children

Primary school children from 21 Globeducate schools competed online in the annual WWF-Globeducate Quiz on 13thJanuary, a fantastic opportunity for our young environmentalists to put their knowledge about wildlife and nature to life in a fun and engaging way, connecting with children from Globeducate schools from India, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Andorra and the UK. 

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