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Our Students - Outstanding Role Models

Celebrating the success of our Globeducate students

Today´s students will only succeed in the world of tomorrow if they are prepared for the challenges that they will face. In addition to providing an excellent education, Globeducate schools ensure that our students develop skills and abilities beyond the purely academic. Our students need to constantly align their skill sets to keep pace with the unprecedented changes in society, science and technology which are already transforming the way we live and work.  To navigate the uncertainty of the future, our students must develop creativity, self-confidence, and perseverance. They need to respect and appreciate the ideas, perspectives, and values of others, and they will need to care about the well-being of their immediate and wider communities.

Whether they excel at sport, academics, music, drama, art or in a volunteering project, Globeducate students are encouraged to define what success means for them, and to be role models who can inspire other students and be global citizens who can shape the world.  Below are some examples of Globeducate students achieving success in and out of the classroom. Look out for new faces on this page and visit our Globeducate Roll of Honour to meet some of our graduating students from 2022.

Come back soon to meet more of our role models from across our global network of schools. 


Gabriela, International Preparatory School, Lisbon, Portugal

Gaby joined IPS at the age of four and has always liked sports. She jumped at her chance to join the school’s football team, showing herself to be focused and determined to improve her skills. Under her coach and school PE teacher, she went on to help IPS win a whole host of awards, developing not only her football skills, but her leadership skills as well. Gaby was signed by Sporting Clube de Portugal as one of their first non-Portuguese female footballers and she now trains and plays with the under 13s female team. She shines in the classroom as well as on the football pitch; her enthusiasm and dedication to every challenge she takes on is infectious. Gabriela Hernandez could be a name to remember in the future.


Alexander, Blyth Academy Ottawa, Canada

Alex was new to Blyth Academy Ottawa last year and has demonstrated maturity, consistent academic excellence, and a drive to succeed. He has involved himself in the school community by spearheading the school’s various Spirit Weeks and being an active member of Student Council where he helped plan events to build student morale throughout this less-than-typical school year. Alex has completed many hours of community service, working at after-school programmes, and doing meal preparation for the homeless. Alex’s talents span from music, having completed Level 8 at the Royal Conservatory of Music, to science and mathematics. 

Seoyeon, ICS Paris, France

Seoyeon achieved an outstanding maximum score, 45/45 in her International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), and her teachers observed how hard she worked in every small quiz, test or essay, and how she became a confident member of the class with a genuine love of business studies. Motivated to follow a multicultural, international education, she made an impression on her peers not only as a role model in academics but socially and in the ways she approached interaction and relationships, learning, and studying in English and becoming competent in her third language, French. Seoyeon graduated with a place to study Business Administration at Yonsei University, South Korea.


Jason, Blyth Academy London, Canada

Jason made his mark on the school from the first day he walked through the doors!  He is an excellent student, earning consistently high grades and never below 94% in any course.  Active in the school community, he is an excellent leader and was closely involved with the development of a Blyth Diversity film. Jason´s popularity with his classmates and his far-reaching influence in the school was notable even during remote studying - in person, he will make a remarkable difference to any community he is part of. Everyone in the Blyth Academy community was so proud on learning that Jason been selected to participate in the summer Biology programme at Harvard University this summer.  Jason has the prospect of an amazing future and is an example to his fellow students. 



Emma, ISN Nice, France 

Emma is a wonderful role model for many students at ISN Nice and continually excelled in not just her academic studies but her extra-curricular activities, too. She was Deputy Head Girl throughout Grade 11 and showed real maturity and leadership skills when it came to working in a team and making decisions. When asked why she was on the student leadership team, she said 'I want to help communicate, empathise and find solutions for people in my learning environment' - and she has consistently done just that. She also wrote and edited the ISN Student Gazette, which showcased her talent for writing. Everyone at ISN Nice appreciated her optimism, cheerfulness and 'let's get it done' attitude. She graduated in Summer 2022 and is now studying Mechanical Engineering in Germany at KIT. 


Davide, ICS Milan, Italy

Davide is a committed, driven student who balances his academics with a high level of performance in Tennis. In June 2021, Davide reached the quarter finals of the Tennis Kinder Cup, competing against the best students in Lombardy, and he has competed at a high level in several tournaments and manages his training alongside his role as Secretary for the Student Council and Year 9 Representative. Davide is popular with his peers, who show high regard and respect for his approach to sport, school life and to his studies. He participates in a variety of sports outside of school including football and tennis and always keeps up to date with his academic work. This year Davide also worked as part of a team that produced the school's best example of a Public Service Announcement, educating the Secondary and Primary students about the essential need to wear a mask correctly. Davide is a role model for many students at ICS Milan. 

Yuliya, RIS Rome, Italy

Yuliya is a model student and was one of 25 students in Italy to receive the “Standard Bearer of the Republic” certificate from Sergio Mattarella, President of the Republic. The award honours students under the age of 18 who are supporting the community. Yuliya volunteers with the Italian Red Cross and was recognised for how she transformed painful and personal experiences from Belarus and the country´s environmental emergency due to Chernobyl, into a path of individual growth, solidarity, and full integration into Italian society. She has shown herself as a community builder, committed to her causes and courageous and supportive of others. Yuliya has led voluntary lessons at a local school on road safety and education, as well as life-saving strategies when someone is mentally or physically unwell. 


Jai, ICS London

Jai is a wonderful member of the ICS London community and, as an active member of the school’s student council and advocate for Eco School status, he led an initiative to clean up the local environment around the school by writing a letter to Westminster Council requesting additional support in stopping litter being dropped near the school. This led to the installation of more rubbish bins outside the school in a public area. Furthermore, Jai has demonstrated the qualities of a young leader by proposing and starting a coding club for other students in Year 5 and 6, which has been a big success. Jai’s successes are an inspiration to younger students in the school.



Margo, Agora Portals International School, Mallorca

Margo is a dedicated and hardworking student and feels volleyball gives her the opportunities to enjoy victories, deal with frustrations and share great experiences with team friends that make her grow as an athlete and as a person. Margo discovered this sport at school, where she played for two years. In 2018 she joined the club “Volei ciutat CIDE” with her sister Emma, and during the winter she played in courts and, during the summer, beach volley. In 2020 she was asked to join the superliga team “Ciutat CIDE” and was the youngest recruit in the club’s history. Margo has been selected to represent Spain in the European championship with the National Under-17 team. She is an outstanding student and proudly represents her school's values.

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