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TIPS Coimbatore

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Located in the city of Coimbatore in southern India, TIPS Coimbatore is a private co-educational international school that offers boarding facilities. The school encourages its students to think creatively and independently and their learning is guided by highly qualified teaching professionals.

General information

  • Age: 2 to 17 years

  • Curriculum: EYP, PYP, CLSP, IGCSE, IB Diploma and CBSE

  • Type of school: Day and boarding school

  • Main language: English

  • Other languages: Hindi, Tamil and French

  • Phone: (+91) 422 669 0500 / 91 422 236 6666

  • Email:

  • Country: India

  • City: Coimbatore

  • Address: #193 Sathy Road, S.S. Kulam Post, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu -641107

A values-based education with a focus on learning

Located in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, TIPS Coimbatore is a co-educational international school for students aged from 2 to 17. The school follows the International Baccalaureate programme from Early Years to IB Diploma level, in addition to Cambridge English examinations.

The school operates from three sites; each site is dedicated to a different stage of education and both sites are fully equipped to meet the needs of students’ learning at each stage. TIPS Coimbatore has excellent services and resources, including sports pitches, a boarding facility and door-to-door transportation to all three sites.

In addition to the pursuit of academic excellence, at TIPS Coimbatore we provide a values-based education, helping our students to understand the importance of compassion, social responsibility, respect and tolerance for diversity. We employ a highly qualified teaching team to provide the support, guidance and expertise required to help our students to fulfil their academic and personal potential.

TIPS Coimbatore students are also offered a broad range of extracurricular activities designed to develop their personal skills and support their academic progress in a more relaxed and recreational environment. Students are encouraged to participate actively in community projects, field work, trips and sports activities. A broad-based education including music, the arts and sports helps our students to develop qualities such as self-improvement, teamwork, perseverance, dedication and creativity.

TIPS Coimbatore joined Globeducate Group in 2013, adding an extra dimension to its international focus and, amongst the other benefits of belonging to Globeducate,  providing students with the opportunity to participate in the international exchange and events programmes organised by the group.