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Coruña British International School

small children in red uniforms

Coruña British International School is located in A Coruña and was founded in 2015 as a sister school to the O Castro British International School in northern Galicia. The school currently offers courses for early years and primary school children and follows the English National Curriculum. It has been part of Globeducate since 2017.

General information

  • Age:  3 to 11 years

  • Curriculum: English National Curriculum

  • Type of school: Day school, British international school

  • Main language: English

  • Other languages: Spanish, Galician, French, Chinese and German

  • Phone: (+34) 981 28 67 99

  • Email:

  • Country: Spain

  • City: A Coruña, 

  • Address: C/ Roma, 1, 15008, A Coruña

The first British school in A Coruña

The Coruña British International School is a secular, private, independent school accredited by the Galician Ministry of Education, the British Department for Education and the British Council.

Founded in 2015 as a sister school to the O Castro British School in Vigo, the Coruña British International School began as a nursery school with the idea of expanding courses year on year as pupils progress through the school. The core educational philosophy is to provide young people with the ideal environment to achieve fluency in English using an exciting and stimulating educational format, which helps to prepare them from an early age for the challenges that await them in an increasingly globalised world.

We understand that each child is different and we help students to learn at their own pace and to develop their own particular skills and abilities. One of the school’s main strengths is a team of highly qualified native English and Spanish professionals with a wealth of experience and a passion for teaching.

Coruña British International School joined Globeducate in 2017 with the aim of consolidating common values such as self-discipline, continual improvement, tolerance, responsibility and social commitment, as well as to add a wider international dimension to the academic and extra-academic education of its students.

Coruña British International School is the first British school in the province of A Coruña and became part of the Globeducate British International Schools cluster in 2021.