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St George´s British International School

Kids in uniforms sitting around a table outside

St George’s British International School is situated in the busy town of Leioa in the district of Bilbao. With a history dating back to 1956, it is a bilingual school that has developed an outstanding reputation throughout the Basque region. St George’s British International School joined Globeducate in 2017.

General information

  • Age: 2 to 18 years

  • Curriculum: English National Curriculum (Early Years and Primary). English National Curriculum in Secondary and Sixth Form will be implemented gradually, and will be effective up to Year 13 in 2025.  

  • Type of school: Day school, British international school

  • Main language/s: English and Spanish

  • Other languages: French and Basque

  • Phone: (+34) 944 63 36 92

  • Email:

  • Country: Spain

  • City: Leioa, Vizcaya

  • Address: Artazagane Auzoa, 51 48940

Uniting tradition and modernity

St George’s British International School is one of the best known private education institutions in the Basque region. Founded in 1956, not only was it a pioneer in offering a bilingual English/Spanish education to its students, but it was also the first private teaching centre in the region.

Located in Leioa, in the Bilbao district of Spain, St George’s British International School unites the best of its long history and tradition with a commitment to educational innovation and modern technology. The school’s philosophy is to stimulate and motivate students, encouraging active involvement, curiosity and academic independence and laying the foundations for a lifelong passion for learning. Every classroom is equipped with cutting-edge technology and the main teaching and learning language is English. This combination prepares our students to thrive within the wider international community and for the challenges of a world of fast-moving technological change.

St George’s British International School joined Globeducate in 2017 and provides an education tailored to meet the needs of each of our students and the best possible opportunities for academic and personal success. At present our students follow the English National Curriculum from Pre-Nursery Class to Year 7 before switching over to the Spanish system. We will gradually be expanding the English National Curriculum year by year until the entire school cohort is following this curriculum, eventually studying for IGCSE and A-level exams. This gradual transition will be completed by 2025.

St George’s also has an excellent music school. Students get the opportunity to study an instrument of their choice and the prospect of being able to participate in numerous annual events organised by the school, as well as international events organised by Globeducate.