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Educational Excellence

The core day-to-day focus of a Globeducate school is educational excellence and innovation, underpinned by our key principles of Educational Excellence, Skills and Competencies, Building Character and Developing Global Perspectives. Our schools teach internationally respected curricula such as the International Baccalaureate, IGCSEs and A Levels as well as a wide variety of respected national curricula, and our approach to teaching and learning prepares our students to live successfully in a globalised world. 

Our teams of world-class, experienced and highly-qualified professionals use learning strategies that are designed to identify and enhance our students’ individual talents at every educational stage. 

Our teachers guide and motivate our students along their educational journey, providing them with a secure foundation for the development of confidence, self-esteem and a passion for learning; essential attributes for academic, personal and professional success, and preparing each student to become a global citizen who can shape the world. 

The success of our approach is thanks not only to our teachers and leadership teams but also to other professionals who help to deliver the Globeducate overall vision, including educational psychologists, our human resources teams who seek and develop talent, and our support staff - from IT and science lab technicians to classroom assistants and librarians. We are a cohesive group of experts and professionals who put Globeducate firmly at the forefront of excellence in education.