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Academic Achievement

Outstanding examination results in Summer 2023

A Globeducate student will succeed and achieve their ambitions, and through expert teaching and first- class pastoral care, will come to know what success means to them on an individual level. Students develop the skills and confidence to achieve, or even exceed, their potential to reach high levels of achievement in respected international curricula.  Whether following the IB, IGCSEs and A Levels or national qualifications, we teach our students to think, to be independent learners and to be leaders and role models.

IB Results

The 22/23 academic year reinforced our IB schools´ standing as a leader in IB and Bilingual IB education in Europe. Students from our ICS schools in France, Italy and the UK, and Ágora International schools in Spain, achieved an excellent 31.4 global point average — outstanding results which beat the world average of 30.24. Our Globeducate IB schools achieved an 89 per cent pass rate, 10 per cent higher than the global rate.  

Four schools in the group achieved 100% pass rate: Agora Lledo International School and Agora Barcelona International School in Spain, ICS London in the UK, and Hattemer 8 in Paris, France.  Agora Lledó International School also achieved an average score of 34.4 points.

A-Level Results 

Across all of our schools teaching A-Level, the average of students achieving A* to A grades was 33 per cent, beating the UK average of 26.5 per cent.  At three of our Globeducate British International Schools (GBIS) in France and Spain, more than 40 per cent of all grades achieved were the top A* and A grades. 

  • Mougins British International School, France, acheived 42% A* to A
  • Cambridge House British International School, Spain, achieved 40% A* to A
  • O Castro British International School, Spain, achieved 40% A* to A

Grades awarded at A* to C also surpassed the UK national average of 75.4% with Nobel Algarve British International School achieving 87% and Mougins British International School, 81%. 

IGCSE Results 

Globeducate students outperformed the global 9-4 (A* to C) pass rate for IGCSEs for another year. An impressive 82% of students in Globeducate schools achieved a good pass, compared with the 70% global average.

Globeducate students achieved a group average of 40 per cent A* to A (9-7) compared to the UK average of 23 per cent. 

French Baccalaureat

Our French schools, EIB and Hattemer, achieved 100% pass rate with EIB school results outperforming the national average of Mention Très Bien results by an impressive 29 per cent. Congratulations to all of the students who achieved this distinguished level in their assessments, and to those students from our online schools who also achieved excellent Bac results.


Spanish Bachillerato

Students in our Agora International Schools in Spain, and Globeducate British International Schools, achieved excellent results, with four schools outperforming their 2022 results. The student-weighted average was 8.0 and the highest average grade of 9.2/10 was recorded by Agora Granada International School.