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Globeducate platinum standard

A bespoke framework for quality

Our Globeducate Platinum Standard is a framework developed to ensure quality and excellence in each Globeducate school, whatever the curriculum or country. This bespoke diagnostic tool was created by the Globeducate Education Leadership Team to set best practice standards and support schools in their development. Its principles are underpinned by the best practice in education systems around the world and by Globeducate´s mission and value proposition.

The Globeducate Platinum Standard framework has a set of quality indicators to:

  • Measure the standards and quality in each school and across our group
  • Recognise key strengths in each school and as a group
  • Identify areas where good quality needs to be maintained or where improvement is needed
  • Identify priorities and create a development plan


Globeducate hexagons brand vision

Three basic questions at the heart of the Platinum Standard process:

1.      How good is our school?

  • Asks us to consider how our school is performing in relation to the aims we have identified
  • Suggests how school evaluation processes can help us

2.      How do we know this?

  • Defines quality
  • Evaluates how we are doing within key areas of provision

3.      What should we do now?

  • Identifies next steps that will form part of a strategic development plan
Daniel Jones Chief Education Officer delivers CPD

How good is our school?

A definition of quality

To deliver the Globeducate Mission fully and consistently, there must be a robust evaluation and review process to establish:

  • Whether the school is meeting its aims successfully
  • What needs to be maintained or improved
  • Whether the changes are working

Three key evaluation areas

  • Effectiveness of leadership 
  • Quality of learning
  • Alignment with the Globeducate mission and value proposition

Each of these three key areas has 10 indicators that determine the overall effectiveness of a Globeducate school.

Reaching Globeducate Platinum status

A Globeducate Platinum School will:

  • Be consistently rated exceptional in each of the three key areas
  • Demonstrate evidence that the school is one of the top performing schools in its region
  • Share its excellence by actively supporting other Globeducate schools in their development
  • Conduct research, pioneer and experiment with new educational initiatives across the whole school

What do our leaders say about the Platinum Standard journey?




It is important that we engage with a rigorous, group-wide framework which drives continuous improvement. This is where, as a school and with the education team, we can identify our strengths and opportunities to improve, implementing targeted action plans to enhance specific areas to ensure that our education is the very best it can be. There is always room for improvement, and we work hand-in-hand with the education team who can offer new perspectives, support continuous development and encourage us to set new standards in educational practice. All stakeholders can feel confident that the school consistently offers an outstanding education for all students. Harnessing innovation, sharing best practice and providing support and guidance in a professionally collegiate manner is truly refreshing
and most welcome.

Mel Curtis, ISN Nice, France


At Agora Portals the Platinum Standard evaluation has had a very positive impact on the leadership and management as it provides a formal review of everything we are doing to seek continuous improvement on a day-to-day basis, ensuring that the right protocols are in place and being followed by all the staff.

Rafael Barea, Agora Portals International School, Mallorca



The Platinum Standard visit was extremely well received by all the staff at Mississauga.  We found the process informative and reflective.  The feedback provided was relevant and truly came from a perspective that placed solid educational experiences of all staff and students at the centre.  As a staff we reviewed the entire report as a team; celebrated our success and worked together to set goals for continuous improvement over the next year.  As a school leader I found the report a valuable contribution towards our strategic plan.  As the school leader it was great to hear from an outside perspective;  receiving positive feedback on initiatives provided us with renewed energy to keep aiming high and the observations and comments on our daily practice helped our team better understand where improvements would have the greatest impact on our community.

Jennifer Quong, Blyth Academy Mississauga, Canada


As a new Head of School, the Platinum Standard visit and resulting conversations and actions were invaluable. Not only has it allowed me to better get to know the school and the Globeducate team but it has also accelerated the process of strategic planning by providing a good baseline of knowledge and understanding of the school. This will be invaluable in helping the school to identify, manage and execute the next stages of strategic development. I found that the visit struck the right balance in terms of rigour and a light-touch approach. It focused on the key areas that are outlined in the standards whilst being non invasive and, crucially, grounded in emotional intelligence. The conversations that the visit promoted were inspiring, interesting and thought provoking. I was also impressed that the actions that came out of the visit have been driven more by asking questions than making assumptions. This will empower the leadership team in the school to move the school forward and whilst maintaining ownership of the process.

James Wellings, Mougins School, France