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Outdoor Learning and The Journey

Why do we have a Globeducate Outdoor Learning Community?

Young people's learning benefits greatly from interaction with their outdoor environment and Globeducate schools deliver our inspiring, bespoke Outdoor Learning Framework, which we call The Journey. Its structure is based on the latest knowledge and research.

The Globeducate Outdoor Learning Community, established in 2019, is built on understanding the tremendous benefits the outdoors can offer our students and teachers in their learning, wellbeing and happiness. It is a fantastic platform to provide our students with valuable opportunities to develop their skills of collaboration, problem solving and creative thinking. All 60+ schools in our group are part of our Outdoor Learning Community. 

Academic research shows that active play is the natural
and primary way that children learn.

Sir Ken Robinson (1950), expert in education, creativity and human development

Outdoor Classroom Days

As well as feeling solidarity with schools in 170 countries on ´World Outdoor Classroom Days´, students in Globeducate schools connect with others in our 60+ schools by taking part in our Outdoor Classroom Days. From Canada and Portugal to Morocco and India, our students of all ages are able to celebrate outdoor learning together and our teachers have the opportunity to share good practice and to inspire and motivate each other.

Many of our schools run Forest School programmes for early years and primary students, led by specialist and accredited Forest School leaders, either as extracurricular activities or built into curriculum time.

Fostering links with our WWF and Eco-Schools partners, our Outdoor Classroom Days and Learning Framework are both fully aligned with our Globeducate mission to prepare each student to be a global citizen who can shape the world. In addition, they support our global commitment to address the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, which prioritise caring for our world.

Eco-Schools complements outdoor learning in our schools

Eco-Schools is the world´s largest sustainable schools programme and our commitment is for each student to have a chance to play their part in ensuring that each of our schools becomes a certified Eco-School.  Many examples of Globeducate Eco-Schools activities complement our Outdoor Learning Framework, including gardening, horticulture and creating insect hotels. Our students celebrate Earth Day and Earth Week, often with activities that fall under the Outdoor Learning Framework, ensuring that both outdoor learning and sustainability education are connected and become intrinsic parts of life in our school communities. 

The Journey - Years 3 to 8

Globeducate students in our ICS schools and GBIS (Globeducate British International Schools) have a unique opportunity to build their character, knowledge, skills, competencies, and global perspectives by embarking on a personal journey of discovery and challenge beginning in Years 3 to 4, working up to Year 8, laying the foundations for then having the option to follow the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Scheme in Years 9 to 12.



What is involved?

Students completing The Journey receive a workbook specific to their own school, stage and programme. The booklet guides them through a careful planning process that focuses on steps such as physical, skills, community service, expedition - with an activity entry log, evidence entries and reflection. 

  • An award based on a sequential programme of skills in the Primary and Secondary years to complement the Duke of Edinburgh and International Award.
  • Builds on existing co-curricular learning, outdoor learning framework, skills and physical challenges and community service programmes at the schools.
  • Links to our Globeducate mission of excellence, skills and competencies, to build character and nurture global perspectives. 
  • The Duke of Edinburgh Award´s guiding principles are: individual, non-competitive, achievable, voluntary, development, balanced, progressive, inspiration, persistence and enjoyable.
  • Students show regular commitment, progress and improvement in their chosen activity.
  • Students undertake activities in school and their own time.


Duke of Edinburgh and International Award - Years 9 to 12

This highly respected international award is offered by all of our schools in the Globeducate British International Schools group and in our ICS schools. It is a programme for secondary students with a clear structure and framework and is highly respected by universities and employers.

Students have the opportunity to learn new skills or develop existing ones and can focus on anything from photography and coding to campaigning and DJ-ing. The award has the potential to change young people´s trajectory - it can be a game-changer that raises aspirations and brings communities together. 

Awards are progressive, from Bronze to Gold, culminating in an expedition or residential for five days with people outside the student´s usual friendship group. It´s a big, exciting and very fulfilling experience that will leave participants with a great sense of achievement. 

Learn how to see. Realise that everything connects to everything else.
Leonardo da Vinci, Italian (1452 - 1519), artist, engineer, scientist, sculptor and architect