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Nurturing Global Perspectives

Global perspectives in our teams and students are in our DNA as a group.  We offer a genuinely international experience in each of our schools, always with the aim of equipping our students for success in an increasingly global and multicultural context. 

Students might take part in an exchange with another school, such as students from Agora Sant Cugat International School, Spain, spending a year at Stonar School, UK, or they might travel to another school and stay with a host family as part of the Globeducate Olympic Games. They may also have opportunities to work with students from other countries in teams as part of a WWF Summit or meet at a Globeducate Model United Nations event - in person or online.  At all stages of a Globeducate education, wherever in the world a student lives and studies, there is a unique pathway and a commitment to develop global perspectives.

Linguistic immersion and multilingualism

We offer linguistic immersion at all of our schools and a wide range of internationally respected curricula. In the 2021 examination season, more than 70% of our IB students passed the bilingual IB diploma, highlighting the success we have in our schools with bilingual education. 

We believe that the need to understand and appreciate other cultures, using language learning as a tool to achieve this in part, is gaining increasing importance as the pace of globalisation accelerates and some universities are setting a trend by requiring competence in at least one second language as part of degree studies. 

A large majority of our schools are bi-lingual and use English as the main working language alongside the local language. We also offer our students the chance to complement their studies with other languages including: Arabic, Catalan, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese and Russian.

Within the international community, the key to success is the ability to communicate with people from different cultures and countries - whether that is through language or understanding, and the sooner a child is exposed to a second or third language, the easier it will be to develop these skills, giving them wider possibilities for work in the future. The opportunity to learn several languages from an early age is one of the unique advantages offered by our schools in Globeducate.