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Globeducate Events

Globeducate hosts international events that foster student collaboration, cultural exchange, and skill development. These include music festivals, Model United Nations, sports competitions, leadership summits, arts competitions, and academic challenges. Events involve travel to host schools or virtual participation, featuring prestigious ceremonies with keynote speakers from organisations like WWF.

Event Schedule:

  • January: International Music Festival - Showcases musical talents and includes a collaborative concert.
  • March: Model United Nations - Enhances public speaking and negotiation skills for students 16+.
  • June: Global Olympics - Promotes health and team skills through local sports.
  • October: Student Leadership Summit - Offers seminars and activities for senior students (17-18) in leadership roles, and Globeducate Cup (Med Cup and Iberia Cup editions): Basketball and football competition for students aged 12-14.
  • November: Globeducate Arts Competition - Linked to UN SDGs, for students aged 5-18, including painting, performing arts, photography, poetry, and narrative.
  • December: Academic Olympics - Team challenges for students aged 13-14, themed yearly, focusing on collaborative learning and creative problem-solving.