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Globeducate Events

INSPIRING STUDENTS TO MAKE A VALUABLE CONTRIBUTION TO THE WORLD THROUGH GLOBAL EVENTSThese events are hosted by a school, sometimes involving travel to the host school, sometimes hosted virtually. Prestigious and dynamic opening and closing ceremonies involving inspiring keynote speakers and representatives of international organisations such as WWF, bring our global community together and offer regular opportunities for all members of our worldwide family to celebrate learning together.

International Music Festival

January: This festival is open to all ages and is a platform to showcase each school´s musical talents. Students also work collaboratively towards a concert that forms part of the event closing ceremony.

Model United Nations

March: This United Nations simulation event is fantastic for developing public speaking and negotiation skills. It has motions linked to UN priorities. The competition is open to students aged 16+  and each participant represents a country in the United Nations. Debates about key global issues to develop skills of conflict resolution and critical thinking. 

Globeducate Olympic Games 

June: This sporting event promotes health, physical wellbeing and sporting skills. The host school develops a programme to encourage and showcase team skills and a variety of sporting skills. Typically, some of the sports featured are connected to local traditions or environment, and teams are often mixed between schools.   

Globeducate Arts Competition

November: Students aged 5 to 18 take part and submit entries linked to a theme associated with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Genres include: painting, peforming arts, photography, English poetry and English narrative.

Globeducate Academic Olympics 

December: Students aged 13 to 14 compete in this event and work in teams, with collaborative learning opportunities, using English as the common language. Team challenges follow a chosen theme each year and students have the opportunity to test their knowledge and skills in varied and creative ways such as "escape room",  filmmaking and role play.