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Skills and competencies

Unprecedented innovation in science and technology are already transforming our lives. Knowledge takes us so far - skills and competencies allow us to use our knowledge and apply it with meaning. At Globeducate we know that the students we are educating today will only succeed in the world of tomorrow if they are prepared for the challenges they will face, and this goes beyond preparing them in their curriculum subjects.  

Not all skills relate to technology or even practical work, some are musical or sporting skills, public speaking, photography or soft skills that enable us to work well in teams with others to solve problems.  You can read about the different ways in which we develop skills and competencies through programmes such as our global STEAM agenda, our innovative co-curricular activities and our after-school activities. 

Our teams are constantly innovating to ensure that each student in each school has the opportunity to learn skills that will ensure they can navigate the uncertainty of the future, to ensure they develop creativity, self-confidence and perseverance. 

We are working on the future every day, continually striving to build the best education that will allow our students to use their skills to shape the world.