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Co-curricular Activities

Central to our mission is creating opportunities for students to develop skills and competencies, to develop character and to develop global perspectives. Our schools offer learning experiences as part of their curriculum time that go beyond the formal academic curriculum; activities that nurture interests and talents and that complement what students are learning in their courses.  Typically, these activities form part of bespoke programmes such as the examples below. 


“Changemakers” at ISN Nice offers a choice of specialities such as creating a start-up, design thinking, youth activism, coding, an Eco-club and more, for all ISN Nice students to explore and develop talents and abilities in non-traditional academic subjects. This encourages students to become active, engaged and visionary Changemakers, who use learning concepts in innovative ways. 

“The Essentials” is a life-skills programme offered by ISN Nice which is embedded into the curriculum and daily life of the school, and it goes far beyond a traditional PSHE (personal, social, health education) class. “The Essentials” takes an innovative approach to student well-being and their physical and emotional health, broaching topics such as social media use, understanding mental health, first aid, financial literacy and study skills.

“Thrive” is a four-part programme designed by Mougins British International School to ensure students develop into knowledgeable, skilful and well-rounded young people and adults who can flourish both in and beyond school.

The courses include: The Self; The Thinker; The Creative; The Community.  Activities range from sport and personal fitness to develop physical skills and mental well-being to courses that widen knowledge and develop academic ability and higher-order thinking, such as International Relations, Debating, LEGO® STEAM and Medsoc. Students can also develop their contribution to, and sense of, community –  through Eco Schools, Community Garden, Event Planning and student leadership and outreach.

The Creative element of the programme allows students to develop creativity, confidence, performance and artistry through participating in school musicals, art, photography, drama and dance.

"The Journey of Discovery" has been a popular programme for Year 10 students at Nobel Algarve British International School since 2016.  It is an expedition designed to take students on a journey that pushes them beyond their comfort zone and that encourages collaboration and to develop their empathy, patience and team-work skills.  The experience goes beyond a physical challenge - it draws on the best practice from a variety of disciplines including outdoor education, mindfulness, wellbeing and self-development. Over the course of seven days, the students hike 100km and develop skills and competencies including but not limited to: navigation and map reading, outdoor cooking, First Aid, problem-solving, stargazing and astronomy, kayaking, self-reflection and presentations.