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Qilin H

“I have a lot of fun at this school… In class we all work at our own levels. I am already working as a middle schooler in Maths. We do lots of problem solving and have Creativity Wednesday when we make our own investigations and inquiries. I have made a lot of friends from all […]


“The importance given to sport and sporting facilities complements our education in a privileged environment.”

Alexander Rostovskiy Nobel Student

Alexander Rostovskiy

“I have studied at Nobel Algarve since 2011 and being a student here has been an exciting experience which enabled me to gain an all-round development and an international mindset. I would sincerely like to thank the school staff who made it possible for me to perform well in my final exams and who influenced […]

Alcalá – González Family

“We remain confident and are convinced that Elsa and Cesar will leave Agora at 17 years of age, happy, and having benefited from a highly comprehensive training, willing to take an active role in society.“

León-Trujillo Family

“In addition to the importance placed on music, sports and languages, I would highlight the education adapted to all kinds of children, the personal touch and education in values.”

Homet – Castillo Family

“In addition to the values of the teaching staff, it is important for us that our children’s education is supplemented with other experiences”

Digby Family

“Like all parents the education of our child is of paramount importance and we finally chose Agora due to its impeccable record, the high quality of its teachers and its first class installations. We also feel that there is a general air of innovation in the approach to teaching”


“Stonar provides many opportunities to develop independence and strength of character; with a huge range of academic and adventurous trips, inspirational visiting speakers, assemblies celebrating pupils’ achievements and the many charitable projects that the school is involved with.”

Daniela Zani

“I have been a KS1 teacher for more than 20 years and joined ICS Milan when it opened in 2011. We follow a stimulating, child-centred International program and help children to become motivated learners and reach their potential. Children come to school happy, willing and enthusiastic to learn. The results speak for themselves.”

Angela Wylie

“I have worked in childcare for 30 years in a variety of settings including international and bilingual schools. I firmly believe that the children attending ICS Milan gain an excellent knowledge of the English language as well as learning about other cultures and the world in which they live. They have a bright future ahead […]

Nicola Owen

“We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and education to children in a modern and multi-cultural environment, where each child is respected and able to reach his full potential. Close links with families are fundamental in ensuring that we meet the individual needs of each child.”

Mark Brain

“Stonar is the best school I have ever worked in for giving every child a chance to shine. It partly comes from the fantastic facilities and environment that we enjoy but mostly it comes from an established culture of care and attention to the individual”

Laura Ross

“Everyone at Stonar goes the extra mile to make pupil’s experiences as positive and fulfilling as possible. Around every corner there are numerous opportunities for pupils to succeed. The best part about my day is being with the pupils. They are so engaged and so willing to learn it makes my job a pleasure.”

Dr Sally Divall

“Stonar welcomes pupils from the UK and around the world. We have genuinely small class sizes; our teachers know and support each pupil individually, acknowledging each person’s unique talents, and this leads to pupils becoming more confident and making exceptional progress. As part of the NACE group Stonar has an additional global perspective and are […]


“Being at Stonar has shown my parents that I can be very organised with academic work, co-curricular activities and riding, which helps me to focus on what I want to achieve. I’m in all the sport A teams and I won a music scholarship – I play the drums and I go to Chamber Choir.”

Parent of student at Stonar School

“How delighted I am with my daughter’s progress, both educationally and in her personal development, since she has been a pupil at Stonar. Moving her to Stonar was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I think you should all be very proud of the secure and nurturing environment you have created at […]

Mrs. O

“I am satisfied that each year our lycée students participate in international conferences such as the YMGE Budapest (Yale Model Government Europe) and HMCE Madrid (Harvard Model Congress Europe). I believe it is a very good opportunity for our children to express themselves in front a large international audience, sharing their opinions on social, economic, […]

Yannick Poher

“At the Lycee EIB Etoile, we prepare our students for the French Baccalaureate exam, as well as its highly competitive international options (OIB – British Section) and European Mention, complemented by EIB Paris’ exclusive language program in English, Spanish, German and Italian. The Lycée EIB Etoile advises students and their families on academic orientation and […]

Mr. and Mrs. L.

“We feel EIB is the only Parisian school, of human size and scale, that assures an excellent education in a context of confidence, respect, and openness. EIB offers our child the chance to realize her dreams, whatever they may be, in France or abroad. All doors will be open to her without regards to culture […]

Georges Pannier

“The EIB Collège has its own distinctive identity: we welcome students between grade 6 and grade 3 through what is, for them, a very important phase of transition: adolescence. Hence our school is a place where the quality of the atmosphere is critical for the development of our pupils’ learning skills. We aim to combine […]

Mrs L.

“EIB is a truly French school without borders, where all students meet in a truly multi-cultural and enriching setting. It is a genuine bilingual school where English is present as of nursery school. I am delighted that my children evolve in such an international environment where every day they interact with children from around the […]

Marie-Hortense Zeller

“Our students benefit from a prestigious and international environment. The curriculum taught at the EIB Monceau complies with the requirements of the official program of the French Ministry of Education, while being supplemented by an exclusive instruction program in English (from the age of 3). At EIB Monceau, all of our language teachers are native […]

Mrs. G

“My daughter Horacia joined EIB in nursery school and is today in 12th grade. For us it was imperative that our child be offered a bilingual education, but public schools did not offer foreign language instruction at an early age. EIB provides an openness of mind. Its serious structure and support in primary school allow […]

Chantal Comte

“Located in the prestigious 16th arrondissement of Paris, EIB Lamartine is a small school that welcomes Preschool and Primary students in a secure and welcoming environment. Our pupils are between 2 and a half and 10 years old, with a wide variety of backgrounds (more than 30 nationalities this year). Our school is characterized by […]


“Studying globalization through books will only get you so far. It was my first-hand experience of multiculturalism and diversity at EIB – the Victor Hugo School that truly established my identity as a global citizen. The numerous nationalities and cultural backgrounds that were represented among students, faculty and staff of EIB have taught me to […]

France Ponsart

“Everything in the school is set up to ensure the academic success and well-being of our students. We are a truly International school: we have students from over 70 nationalities, our students follow an English language, international curriculum. Nevertheless, our students will also master French as we provide French lessons too.”

Irfan Gazdar

“At Agora Lledó International School, I have been able to develop professionally by being exposed to challenges on a daily basis, in a very nice working environment. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to see how, throughout the years our pupils, maximize their talents and abilities enabling them to fulfil their dreams, in our […]

Penny Pareja

“I love working here because we have endless possibilities of experimenting and using new educational techniques. The atmosphere is great and full of challenges. The children surprise us every day with their learning abilities.”

Luis Madrid Giménez

“We apply a bilingual international project of English language immersion, with the addition of German from the age of 6, working on sciences, mathematics, humanities, arts, information technology, swimming, sports, psychomotor development and music in highly stimulating way, providing a motivational educational programme that includes all the cognitive and physical activities that students need, in […]

Ricardo Duato Castillo

“Music is vital in children’s education because it provides personal discipline, perseverance, mental agility, increased sensitivity, and rewards the effort and spirit of self-improvement, among other important educational values.”

Joana Gual

“We offer an education built on top of very solid values, and based on experimentation and exploration of the world surrounding them. This will prepare our students for a brilliant future.”

Rafael Barea

“Agora Portals offers a comprehensive education that produces caring, responsible people of integrity, who have an international mindset, and are ready for a full life, in which whatever decisions they make, they will be prepared.”

Cristina Villares

“The best thing about this school is, without doubt, the close relationships with the teachers and the rest of the school staff. You can be sure that with even the smallest problem you might have, you will never lack the help you need. The teachers are excellent.”

Cheryl. E Whitmill Pawson

“I have seen the school grow and change from being a family business into a modern, well equipped educational institution and I hope to be able to retire here one day as I have always been very happy in my profession and place of work.”

Eva Ponte

“We are a school dedicated to our global vision and continued excellence. Our international teaching will enable our students to choose their own future.”

Mariam Fernández

“Every student has the right to choose the educational path which best fits their needs. At Areteia, we offer each student the best route based on their interests, characteristics and motivations.”

José Mª López

“Teachers at Areteia are a great, united team with the same way of understanding education, always taking into account the individual differences of each student.”

Luis García Carretero

“Attention to diversity is the challenge of our Educational Project: we create a context of success for each student, understanding and working on weaknesses, but above all, fostering the strengths and talents that each student has and enabling them to see and develop their full potential.”

Louisa Field

“I love to look back over each child’s work and see how they have improved and what I can do to help them to progress further. The children in my classes work hard and believe in themselves which is so important.”

Diane Cassidy

“I enjoy working at Agora International very much. The facilities here are endless, the scenery around the school is spectacular, the team of people I work with are amazing, and the weather is so much better than in England!”

Alejandra Alvarado

“There are many advantages of studying English from a young age, it gives us the ability to access a different academic and cultural world, which in a globalised world, offers countless advantages.”

Vicenç Gandol.

“We aim to teach our pupils that learning is an art, an experience and a window to the world. We offer a solid base of learning and values which supports pupils’ affective, emotional, critical and creative development. At Agora Patufet Infant School, our pupils are enriched by their experience of other languages and cultures. They […]

Neus Casanovas and Imma Lluch

“Our link with the Conservatorio del Liceu reinforces our commitment to the students’ musical training. These new experiences transcend the traditional classroom boundaries and continue on into the personal life of both the students and teachers.”

Joana Henne

“I would like to highlight the family-school relationship offered at our school, helping all our students in their educational journey with active participation from families in order to maximise their academic success.”

Vicenç Gandol

“We want our students to be citizens of the world, and therefore encourage active participation in diverse international programmes to maximise both their mobility abroad and cooperative work with students from other countries.”


“I am happy to see how at school I have become more mature and discovered my strengths, virtues and skills.


“I like learning lots of languages and here I can do it.”


Hi! My name is Bianca and I’m 12 years old.  I’m a student in Agora Sant Cugat International School, or ASCIS for short, and ever since my first day in this School I have absolutely loved it!  It’s all so exciting!

Lina Arenas

“Through art we learn to create visual forms, to identify, to interpret and to understand. For this reason, learning through observation is a good strategy in any educational area. Art provides a way for our students to develop respect for and awareness of our artistic heritage.” 


“Some classmates have different abilities, or play sport or music professionally, and despite this, classes and exams are adapted to their needs without this being a problem. This shows us that they want to get the very best from all of us.”

Darrell Scaife

“It is consistently rewarding to see Stonar’s riders develop their horsemanship skills and a positive partnership with their horses. Whether they are recreational or competitive riders, our pupils are fortunate to receive a unique riding experience to complement their academic programmes.”

Joana Gual.

“The study of music has many positive effects on children’s education. Playing an instrument requires coordinated learning on an intellectual level, in psychomotor development and in sensitivity, which contribute to the pupils’ overall development.”


“The IB is a demanding program that requires a great personal commitment, but it provides a fully comprehensive training. Now I’m at university I realise that everything I have learned, such as independent work, will not only benefit me in my future as a student, but for life.”


“The International Baccalaureate develops the students’ critical thinking, creativity and maturity, they make their own criteria, and are more open-minded. We have been able to experience satisfactory progress. “

Noa Fortuny

“I like this school because every day when I arrive the teachers help me to have a good time, to learn and to have fun. I like how they teach us, patiently and nicely. I have a really good time with my friends, they let me play and they help me if I need it. […]


“At Agora Portals pupils are not just names on a list, we all see that the teachers care about every one of us. Many of my classmates have different abilities or are involved in professional sports or music, and despite this, classes and exams are adapted to fit their needs without this being a problem, […]


“Areteia has given me the chance to dream, to be able to continue with a future which once seemed unclear. What Areteia does is provide pupils with opportunities. They enable you to dream and aspire to be more.”

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