In the Times of India “Times Education” school rankings, The Indian Public School (TIPS) Ambattur was named ´Top Emerging School – International´ in the North of Chennai and TIPS Perungudi was ´Top International School Overall´  for South of Chennai.  The Indian Public School group is well known in this region of India as a pioneer in international education, while still maintaining Indian roots and values. The schools are a hallmark of world class academic standards in the region.

The primary objective of the research by Times Education was to arrive at a list of the top schools in each of Chennai´s zones in both national and international categories.

“TIPS Globeducate is synonymous to continuous learning. We accept change with open mind and eager heart. We believe that as educators our prime responsibility is to create engaging and relevant learning experiences every day for every child. Only making learning relevant will bring the desired change in the children and will lead to them ‘shaping the world’ as per our goal.”

Chief Academic Officer Dr Sonali Geed 

TIPS Perungudi is located in the IT corridor of the city, with an inspirational Science Centre and a specialist SEN facility. The school offers IBPYP for early years and primary, and IGCSE and IBDP for senior students. It takes pride in providing the best of facilities and challenges for students’ holistic development. The engaging, rigorous and challenging curriculum provides opportunities for each learner to grow and expand their horizon. The school has continuously produced excellent academic results, a leader in the region.

TIPS Ambattur is an emerging international school in the vicinity and is becoming known for its holistic approach to education, its first class teaching and teacher development, and for its fully-fledged digital learning and teaching environment.  Primary school children follow the IBPYP, while the Middle School until Grade 8 follows Cambridge curriculum. Like all TIPS schools, it is built upon International values with Indian ethos. The school provides a strong foundation for being an empowered learner and a global citizen by promoting the philosophy of local to global. It ensures that the child becomes an aware citizen of the world who is able to resolve conflicts and be open minded to the opposite views.


23 / 02 / 21