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International Experiences and Holiday Camps

International experiences and holiday camps

The opportunity to study abroad at one of our Globeducate schools forms part of our global commitment to prepare students to be global citizens. Through holiday camps, short stays or a full year abroad, our young people become well-prepared and confident individuals, ready to take their place within the international community. 

Globeducate schools host summer holiday camps in England, Canada and Andorra – the underlying vision for any of these short courses away from home is to give Globeducate students, and those from other schools, the opportunity to be independent, to meet new friends from different countries and cultures, and to develop new skills and competencies. 

Our locations

Academic year and holiday camps at Stonar School, United Kingdom

Blyth Academy Summer School

This opportunity to study in-person or online is perfect for students aged 14 to 18 (Grades 9 to 12) who are in a position to take a month-long course with Blyth Academy, our group of schools in Ontario, Canada. Learning is highly personalised and experiential and we offer a wide range of subjects including maths, sciences, English, French and humanities subjects. Sessions are led by experienced Blyth Academy teachers and may include discussions and collaborative group work — through breakout rooms if a course is offered online. Assessment includes assignments and final exams, and all classes are recorded and available for students to reference when preparing work. 

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Agora Andorra International School

This Summer Camp in the spectacular surroundings of our boarding school in Andorra is for children aged from seven to 16 years old. The programme offers full immersion in the language of your choice: English, French or Spanish and all students participate in workshops and a range of activities taught by native-speaking teachers drawn from the school´s teaching team. In the afternoons, children can choose activities such as multi-adventure or circus arts. 

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Agora Andorra Summer Camp