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Posidonia - Aula del Mar

Agora International Schools launched an ocean preservation project during the COP26 meeting in 2021, as part of a commitment to addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Unique in the Balearic Islands, and pioneering in Spain, the programme aims to raise awareness of the marine world with students in Agora International Schools – beginning this experience from an early age with the objective of promoting knowledge, appreciation and passion, which leads to awareness and preservation.

A central resource centre at Agora Portals International School, Palma de Mallorca, offers students the chance to go beyond academic and classroom experiences - the programme includes a series of workshops, lectures, talks, excursions and activities that students will experience throughout their school life, with the aim of finishing their studies with a knowledge of the marine environment and a commitment to its preservation.  The project was designed in collaboration with the Vellmarí association and with the support of organisations such as the Palma Aquarium Foundation, IMEDEA and the Spanish Institute of Oceanography.


Skills and competencies

The Aula del Mar project complements the commitments and values central to visions of Agora International School and Globeducate such as STEAM education, the IB learner profile and the mission to prepare each student to become a global citizen who can shape the world. 

This innovative project has generated a great deal of excitement and interest amongst our students, and also with partners we are working with in Palma, Mallorca, such as the Palma Aquarium Foundation, IMEDEA and the Spanish Institute of Oceanography. We know that at grass roots level, we have students who are passionate about shaping their world and who see understanding marine life as a step on this important journey.

Carolina Rodriguez Inciarte, CEO Globeducate Spain and Andorra