Why choose a Globeducate school?

Globeducate consists of more than 50 private international schools located in various countries throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Although the Globeducate philosophy is to respect the individuality and inherent personality of each of our schools, all of our schools share a series of characteristics and values, forming a cohesive group committed to providing quality education and a shared mission to transform today’s young people into tomorrow’s successful professionals.

Each Globeducate school is characterised by a values-based education that goes beyond the strictly academic. Our four core principles are; Educational Excellence, promoting academic and personal excellence and celebrating the unique talents and abilities of each of our students; Global Readiness, ensuring our students become completely bilingual and fully prepared to take their place in today’s international community; Excellence in Co-curricular subjects, helping to form fully rounded individuals by encouraging students to develop themselves beyond the purely academic sphere through sport and cultural activities; and an Education in Values and basic life skills essential for the development of positive, compassionate and motivated individuals.

At Globeducate we are constantly working to improve the quality of the educational experience that we provide. This is reflected in the fact that the Globeducate is considered to be among the five most prestigious and influential private international educational providers in the world. Two main factors ensure that our teaching staff are among the best and most highly-qualified professionals in the education sector; ongoing training, to ensure continual improvement and development; and constant monitoring of the educational quality at each of our schools. We also call on a wide variety of experts and professionals in complementary fields to support our permanent staff, and facilitate a system designed to support the ongoing implementation of best practice.

The fundamentally international character of Globeducate provides unique advantages for students studying at our schools, allowing them to enjoy excellent foreign exchange programmes and international activities and events. This not only enriches the multicultural nature of the educational environment and life experience of our students, but also generates companionship, reinforces value-systems and demonstrates that in Globeducate schools, parents, students, teachers and non-teaching staff essentially form part of one big family.

Our value proposition

We believe that education is a journey of personal and multi-dimensional growth in which the child is the key protagonist. The development of our students is based upon a value proposition involving four key principles; Educational Excellence, Global Preparation, Excellence in Co-curricular fields and an Education in Values.

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Improving quality

We achieve educational excellence through constantly supporting and developing our teaching staff and by ensuring that the curriculum delivered to our students is current and contemporary, fulfilling the demands of education today and into the future. Globeducate also has an internal monitoring system designed to ensure the quality of education at each of our schools and the continued implementation of best practice.

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Improving Quality - Globeducate Schools

International exchange programmes

Through its programme of international visits and exchanges, Globeducate encourages students to participate in enriching international educational experiences. Students get a unique opportunity to expand their social and cultural horizons and learn to thrive in a global context, making friends with young people from around the world and having a great deal of fun, too!

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International Events

Every year, to enable our students to practise their language skills and to foster inter-schools’ camaraderie, Globeducate organises a series of cultural and sporting events such as Globeducate Model United Nations, Globeducate International Music Festival and the Globeducate Olympic Games.

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