Globeducate Awards

The Globeducate awards are organised each year to recognise the professionals in our group who, through their effort and dedication, make Globeducate one of the most prestigious and successful groups of private international schools in the world.

Who can apply?

Individual entry: All teaching and non-teaching staff with at least one year of service at a Globeducate school or at Globeducate central offices are eligible to apply.

Team entry: Teams of professionals from any of Globeducate´s schools can apply for recognition of a specific project.


Each school or centre can nominate up to two candidates for each award. The process is as follows:

Nomination of teaching staff: The Head of Department for the area recognised by the award and the co-ordinator of the corresponding educational stage, jointly decide on the candidates worthy of nomination and submit the application.

Nomination of non-teaching staff: The Head of School or Corporate Director for the area under consideration, along with the Corporate Director of Human Resources and the Head of the candidate’s department jointly decide on the candidates worthy of nomination and submit the application.

Each nomination must include:

  • Completed application form, signed by all those involved in the nomination.
  • Brief description of the merits upon which the nomination is based and the achievement for which the prize is to be awarded.
  • Details of the candidate or team members, where applicable.


May 10 – 25: Nomination of candidates.

During the last week of May, the Awards Committee will meet to study the nominations to assess which applications meet the minimum requirements. The list of candidates accepted for consideration will then be published.

The committee will reconvene before the end of June to evaluate the projects and agree on the award winners.

An award will not be presented if none of the applications fulfil the minimum requirements.

The committee may request expert advice or additional information from those making the nomination.

Following the evaluation by the committee, the list of winners will be published and the prizes will be awarded in July, date and place to be determined.


The committee will take the following into account during its deliberations:

  • Involvement and motivation of the candidate
  • Benefit of the experience for both the nominee and for the school
  • Contribution to the area recognised by the award
  • Relevance to the organisation as a whole

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