Our value proposition

Preparing our students for success within the global community

The world is changing at an incredible pace and education has to keep up with this constantly shifting environment. Today’s students can only succeed in tomorrow’s world if they are well prepared for the challenges that they will face in their future professional and personal lives. Therefore, in addition to providing an excellent academic education, we ensure that our students develop skills and abilities beyond the purely academic and lay down a solid, values-based foundation upon which to build.

Globeducate – Four core principles

Globeducate´s educational ethos is based on four fundamental core principles: Educational Excellence, Global Preparation, including linguistic immersion, Excellence in Co-curricular fields and a Values-based Education.

Educational Excellence

Educational Excellence is based on the concept of helping students to identify and develop their individual talents by means of a complete and specific methodology. Ongoing teacher-training and the introduction of prestigious and forward-thinking educational programmes such as the International Baccalaureate ensure that our students are provided with the best opportunities to maximise their learning potential.

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Global Readiness

Global Readiness is based on inter-cultural experience and on using language learning as a tool, whether in schools where teaching is 100% in English, or in bilingual or trilingual schools, and all of our schools offer supplementary programmes in additional languages. Linguistic and cultural immersion at a local level is supported and extended by our exchange programmes and international activities.

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More than just a school: co-curricular Excellence

Co-curricular Excellence is achieved by encouraging our students to participate in the many artistic, musical and sporting activities on offer at our schools. Several of our schools have integrated music academies, some have visual and performing arts centres and others focus on promoting sporting excellence. Our Globeducate events give all students, whatever the ability level, the opportunity to compete and to take part in the associated cultural aspects such as home-stays with host families in another country or discovering a new city or part of the world with new friends from another Globeducate school.

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Education in Values

To navigate their futures, our students must develop creativity, self-confidence and perseverance. They will need to respect and appreciate the ideas, perspectives and values of others; and they will need to care about the well-being of their wider community and planet. We believe that an Education in Values is a fundamental requirement for the development of a fully-rounded, well-educated individual and this forms an essential part of the learning journey at each of our schools.

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“Stonar provides many opportunities to develop independence and strength of character; with a huge range of academic and adventurous trips, inspirational visiting speakers, assemblies celebrating pupils’ achievements and the many charitable projects that the school is involved with.”


Student at Stonar

“Like all parents the education of our child is of paramount importance and we finally chose Agora due to its impeccable record, the high quality of its teachers and its first class installations. We also feel that there is a general air of innovation in the approach to teaching”

Digby Family

Parent of student at Agora International School Barcelona

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