Educational Excellence

We believe that educational excellence provides a basic foundation for future success. At Globeducate, we employ outstanding teachers and innovative teaching and learning strategies to identify and nurture the specific talents of each individual. Our teachers guide and motivate our students along their educational journey, providing them with a secure foundation for the development of confidence, self-esteem and a passion for learning; essential attributes for academic, personal and professional success.

Our methodology is based on continual innovation, a dedicated and highly-qualified teaching team and the support of educational psychologists and other professionals, who work together to help students achieve their academic and personal goals.

Curriculum, methodology and innovation

Globeducate offers a complete and comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare our students for the social and professional realities of today’s world and for future worldwide trends. A multilingual education is an integral part of our philosophy because we understand that the only way to really learn to speak a foreign language is to immerse oneself in it on a daily basis. Thanks to our exchange programmes and our wide range of international activities and events, our students get the opportunity to immerse themselves completely in several foreign languages. Many of our schools offer the International Baccalaureate, a qualification that allows students to apply to the best universities worldwide without the need to sit additional entry exams in each country. We also offer IGCSE and A-levels in line with the British curriculum and the national pre-university level examinations for each of the countries in which we operate.

Our educational methodology is based on helping each student to “learn how to learn” and to recognise and develop their own individual talents and abilities. Our teachers guide and support students along their educational journey, helping them to acquire the ability to take responsibility for their own academic and professional futures and inspiring a life-long passion for learning.

We understand the growing importance of technology in today’s world and we ensure that technology plays a central and significant role in the cognitive development of our students, not only as a dynamic teaching and learning resource but also by introducing them to the practicalities of computer programming and working with new technology on a daily basis.

An educational team focussed on excellence

Globeducate forms an educational community where everyone learns, not just the students, and in order to maintain consistently a first-class level of teaching, all of our teachers participate in ongoing training programmes. Thanks to our Learning Coaches initiative and the Globeducate Platinum Standard improvement programme, we continually work towards higher and higher standards of educational excellence.

Our Educational Psychology departments work with students, teachers, parents and families to address the particular needs of each student and provide individual support programmes where required. The Educational Psychology service attends to the diverse needs of our school communities and helps to ensure that the educational provision for each of our students is suited to their specific needs and abilities.


“I have a lot of fun at this school… In class we all work at our own levels. I am already working as a middle schooler in Maths. We do lots of problem solving and have Creativity Wednesday when we make our own investigations and inquiries. I have made a lot of friends from all over the world and I love the school.”

Qilin H

Year 6 student, Rome International School

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